Thursday, August 20, 2009

Patrick Kane Has his first Day in Court.

Patrick and James Kane went on the record today entering a plea of not guilty before Buffalo Chief City Judge Thomas P. Amodeo.
to misdemeanor and violation charges tied to the alleged assault of Jan Radecki a Buffalo cab driver on August 10th.

In a short statement to reporters outside of the courtroom according to the Buffalo News Patrick Kane stated "Today was a tough day for us. You know, I just reiterated to the judge that I'm not guilty of any crime, and I'm confident in the legal process," . He said.
"Right now, much more can't be said," he added.
This would be the only glimpse of the proceedings for the media, as per the request of the defense attorneys the courtroom itself was closed to all press by Judge Amodeo. Defense attorneys also requested that both Mr. Kanes be absent for next Thursdays 10:30 court date, Judge Amodeo also granted this request.
So the saga continues of the twenty cent tip. The courtroom doors are firmly closed today however the doors are open in the court of public opinion. There is a week until the next gathering at City Court lots of time for a duck and cover drill or a side show. We can hope the wheels of justice run smoothly and blindly for the Kane boys. Then our minds can return to important things, like how many days until the first puck drop on home ice?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to Buffalo for Patrick Kane

The Grand Jury is Baaacck!!!
It's misdemeanors and a violation each for Patrick Kane and his cousin James M Kane. According to the Buffalo News the the Erie County grand jury passed down bills of inditement for charges of third-degree assault and theft of services, both misdemeanors and harassment, a violation. No felony charges there for either Kane.
Both Patrick and James Kane will be in Buffalo City court tomorrow for arraignment. It would be typical of a first offender case such as this that the Kane's attorney Paul Cambria will be working for a plea arrangement with DA Frank Sedita III. We shall see what tomorrows court date shall bring, the saga of the Kane boys and the twenty cent tip is far from over, but the light is near the end of the tunnel.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stevie Martins, Ages like a Fine Wine...

The time has come for my annual valentine to a favorite Wolf, Stevie Martins. Just why am I so fond of Martins? He is always there in on every play scrambling and scrapping. As a veteran he is constantly guiding the younger players on the ice and as one lucky enough to be standing at the glass you can the chatter between players. Steve Martin may be one of the oldest players on the ice but he is also one of the most respected. There has yet to be an announcement of the signing of his contract with the Wolves for this season, may the news come soon that # 26 will be taking the ice again in Chicago.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Patrick Kane Arrested in Buffalo.

Eight days ago 20 year old Patrick Kane and Blackhawk super star was arrested in Buffalo with a relative for fourth degree robbery, theft of services and criminal mischief. He stands accused of beating Jan Radecki, a cab driver in a rage over twenty cents. That's right twenty cents, one fifth of a dollar less than a quarter, you can't even make a phone call with twenty cents!

The absurdity of the entire situation has left me shaking my head, you see Buffalo is my home town and the location and some of the players involved are still familiar to me. All I want to do is ask this young man is,
“Patrick just what were you thinking?” .
What we do know outside of all the media buzz is that the case went to the Grand Jury last Thursday and has not returned a bill or no bill of inditement to date . Paul Cambria, Kane's attorney is launching a media campaign placing his client in the best light possible and stating the entire situation has been blown all out of proportion .

Mean while, last Friday the State of New York suspended Jan Radecki's drivers license .It was discovered he had been driving under a license he had gotten after his previous license had been revoked for failing to submit to a chemical test in April 1999 and for driving while intoxicated . Mr Radecki had simply reapplied under a different name and address took the written test for the learners permit . On September 10th 1999 he was issued a new New York State drivers license.

As the Grand Jury hears testimony behind closed doors and then deliberates if the evidence presented is enough to spend taxpayers time and money on a trial. It still brings my mind to one question, Patrick Kane, gifted 20 year old Blackhawk star, what were you thinking at 4 am last Monday morning?

Friday, August 7, 2009

K-Zoo Joins forces with Sharks and Flyers

Patrick Kissane, file photo
The speculation is over, the Kalamazoo K-Wings in their newly minted East Coast Hockey League affiliation have joined forces with the San Jose Sharks and the Philadelphia Flyers. Practically this means they will be funneling players to and from Wrochester Sharks and the Phillphedphia Phantoms both of the American Hockey League.

The move of K-Zoo from the IHL to the ECHL is great news for IceHog and Wolves fans, as it means the Gwinette Gladiators the shared farm team for the Wolves and Hogs will be a four hour drive away a couple of times a season. To those who have never been to Kalamazoo is is a lovely old barn of a stadium and easy to find off of the interstate. Three years ago it was the site of one of the best games I have ever witnessed in my life, game 6 of the 2007 Colonial Cup Championships a knock down drag out fight between the then United Hockey League K-Wings and the Rockford IceHogs. The game had everything, broken glass, a hole in the net, and to top it off a goalie fight! I can't wait to go back, can you say road trip?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wendell Young Named Chicago Wolves General Manager

As reported here earlier this week the American Hockey League's Chicago Wolves have named Wendell Young as General Manager . Young seems a natural choice for the position having been with the club since its inception. First as its crown jewel in net, leading the team to Turner Cup championships as goalie in 1998 and 2000. Then as a coach for the Calder Cup in 2008. All this hardware with a pair of Memorial and Stanley Cup rings on his dresser at home. His succession to G M with these championships behind him mean far more than just the silver. To accomplish these he he has had to gain and understanding of the culture of winning necessary to bind a group of athletes together and make a team of them.

In an interview earlier today with Atlanta Thrashers Assistant Coach Todd Nelson he described Wendell Young to Powderhornhockey as having an “ Understanding what it takes to win.” More importantly he also said that “ Wendell has a way of bringing a team together” . The ability to scout a team that will gel is magic, the ability to keep it together during a season is alchemy. Championships take the greatest of management, Wolves owners and fans are accustomed to seeing banners raised and frequently. From the time he started out with the Cole Harbor Colts at 16 Wendell Young has been immersed in a culture of discipline, friendship and contacts. He should have a well filled Rolodex by now, perfect for prospect spotting. That's the work ahead of him, the alchemy of of building a team from a group of strangers, finding next years kids and keeping it all balanced. Young has been preparing for this since his first game with the Wolves in 1998, Kevin Chevyeldayof has cast a long shadow now is time for Young to make the job his own. Good luck and a winning season to him.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

David Phillips On Defense, I like what I see...

It is hard to get a real grip on a player with as brief a look as I got of Davy Phillips last month. True, there were the web casts of the Giants games last winter where I was introduced to this young man holding his own in a in a 20 minute bench clearing brawl against arch rival Newcastle Vipers. Feel the love...Hey, they all shook hands at then end of the game! What caught my attention about Davey Phillips is simple he is a blueliner who stays at home. You don't need a Low Jack to find him on the ice.

This is what I like best about him though... just look at these photos on two days of camp there he is, he gets it, simply gets it. Nobody comes between you and the goalie! Pewee stuff but how many goals, games and series have been lost because some go getter got between a D-man and the goalie. It all comes down to the basics and it looks like Phillips has this one rock solid. Davy Phillips may have "player development" ahead of him in the next year in his transition from the Elites to the American Hockey League looking toward the National Hockey League but David has a good start.


To quote Roddy Doyle, " It's a start and I believe in starts" , the American commitment for this young man is beginning . The rest of the good stuff should follow.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wendell Young To be named General Manager of Chicago Wolves

Sources have told the Powderhornhockey that Wendell Young will be named General Manager of the Chicago Wolves tomorrow.

The 46 year-old Halifax, Nova Scotia native has a storied hockey career; in 1981 as a member of the Kitchener Rangers he won Canada’s Memorial Cup. His first professional championship, the American Hockey League’s Calder Cup came with the Hershey Bears in 1988. Shortly after in 1991 and 1992 as a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins he collected two National Hockey League Stanley Cup rings. In 1994 Young joined the fledgling Chicago Wolves. Young continued as their first line goalie until hanging up his skates after the 2001 season. In 1998 and again in 2000 Young became the only man in hockey history to win all four major North American hockey cups when he drank from the IHL’s Turner cup with his Wolves teammates.

According to Wolves website, after retirement Young moved north to Canada taking the position of goalie coach with the Calgary Flames until 2003. After his tenure in Calgary he returned to the Wolves as Assistant Coach and Executive Manager of Team Relations. His promotion to General Manager has been described by sources as “deserving.”

Young is a well know face to the fans, he was usually to be found at games behind the bench working with the goalies and the defensive players.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Kevin Chevyeldayoff Named Chicago Blackhawk Assistant General Manager

One of the greatest pleasures in life is seeing good things happen to deserving people, this is one. Kevin Chevyeldayoff is a true professional and one of the gentlemen of hockey. I will miss seeing his big smile around the All State but am looking forward to seeing it at the United Center. Chevy, working with the Scotty and Stan Bowman woowhoo, the Hawks really are back.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Third Valentine, Jason Krog!

The time has come to welcome Jason Krog back with his summer Valentine. Last year when he signed with Manitoba the first thing I said to my contact in Winnipeg was how happy the team photographer was going to be. Jason Krog is one of the most photogenic players on the ice today. He looks great in a suit off the ice but put him on skates and sweat him up and he becomes Jim Morison on ice. Happy days are here again for Chicago based hockey photographers, Jason Krog, 2008 AHL Most Valuable Player and scoring machine is back on home ice!