Sunday, December 30, 2007

The girl's got game!

Saturday night and the Wolves went down to the always tough QC Flames. However the highlight of the evening for this photographer was the "Extra Effort Kids" during the third period break. One mite, the lone girl on the team has the right stuff, pink gloves and all.

I tell ya this girl's got game!

If it's Sunday it must be a day off....

Friday morning dawned bright and sunny, the weather forecast couldn't have been more gloomy, 6-8" of snow was to fall between us and the game in Milwaukee. Still we planned to make it, the van was gassed,bags were packed "in case" an overnight stay was needed, the Kissane/Rickard Hockey press team left for the Wolves -Admirals game hours early on a wing and a prayer.

Yes the driving was not pleasant but we made it with time to spare for dinner and to settle into the BC for the nights festivities. It was to be a tough game for both teams with a stellar example of imaginative work by referee Chris Ciamaga. As per usual for a technical wrap of of both games I will refer readers to the capable hands of Patrick Kissane at "Sit down and Shut up", the linky you will find at the right. The outcome of the game? The Wolves won in a challenging game. Kissane and I ended up spending the night in Milwaukee as did many of the Chicago fans. Thank you wireless connections and Travelocity.

Here are a few images from the game.


Friday, December 28, 2007

The rivaly has started, Wolves and Ice Hogs, what fun!

Last night the Ice Hogs made the 45 minute trip down route 90 to the Wolf Den and stunk up the joint, literally. Speculation was made by those sitting near the team is that the Hogs equiptmant manager neglected to wash the sweaters the night before. Oh dear, oh my! What we have here is total lack of respect for basic hygiene. Goodness knows what the Wolves will forget to wash for the Jan 4th meeting at the Metro in Rockford. it might be worth the drive to just see what they come up with.

The game, I will as usual refer readers to my partner in crime Kissane for a full report on all three frames. In short, the Wolves won in overtime after battling with a team they should have beaten handily by the end of the first period due to call ups by the Blackhawks. Nathan Oystrick scored a Gordie Howe Hat Trick, (a fight, goal and an assist, to the uninformed) his first of the season, atta boy may there be many more in your career.

Grant Lewis recently called up from Gwinett was knocked unconscious by a hard hit during the third period. I had a close, unobstructed view of the hit and from my angle it looked clean. However, there are differing opinions on this matter and from other angles there appears to be an elbow involved. Clean or cheap, I'll take this opportunity to climb on a nurses soap box momentarily and address the the sleeping giant. The Players Association has to publicly address the issue of head protection and concussions. At Traverse City I had the opportunity to speak to team physicians at length on the subject, it was illuminating. The NFL and the IHL (UHL) are in the early stages of addressing the problem. The use of improved mouth guards, helmets that really strap down or better helmets are being discussed among team and league medical professionals. It is time for these quiet talks to move from the locker rooms to the board rooms. The effects of post concussion syndrome last long after the cheering stops. These are our sons and daughters on the ice, lets look beyond the game we love to the health of children we love more.

I'll step down now, it is time to get psyched for the next game. Tonight at the Bradley Center against the Milwaukee Admirals. Now this one should be a ring tailed tooter!


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Haydar's back, Nathan Oystrick is Hot! Hot! Hot!

Last night the Chicago Wolves welcomed their captain, Daryn Haydar back home to home ice. At the dawn of this season the Wolves lost their captain and their MVP from last season Brett Sterling to the Atlanta Thrashers. Sterling returned earlier last month and hs been the scoring powerhouse he was last year. Haydar marked his return by to goals, and showing some very pretty skating. He hasn't lost anything in the rarified air of the AHL and seems to have returned eager to lead his team and lend maturity to the locker room . Something the Wolves seemed to need since Fred Brathwate's departure to Russia last week.

Nathan Oystrick #22, what can I say? I will take full advantage of the Blog format and speak in the first person. I am a fan of the defensive game. Nathan Oystrick has been with the Wolves for two years now and it has been a treat to see him develop. In the last three weeks as the Wolves have headed in to a team wide tail spin he has scored 5 count em' 5 goals. Oystrick is presently part of the Krog,Haydar,Sterling scoring line. In the past he was regarded as "protection" looks like that is changing. This photographer couldn't be more delighted, not only is this young man a constant source of great images, when spoken to always engaging and eager to speak to fans of the defensive game. It is as pleasure to see good things happening to this genuinely nice and hard working young man. You go for it Oysty, I'll be watching!

The score last night oh yes it was a win, not a hell fire and brimstone. However a win is a win, the Wolves seem to be finding organization and their legs after several weeks of spotty performances and looking for leadership. To use one of my Dad's phrases, "the ship is comming around, it's time to go for the weather mark" It's December boys, Captains back, time to lay the foundation for this years playoffs run.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Devided loyalties, Amerks and Wolves

Last night at the Allstate arena the curse was broken, the losing streak was snapped the #1 Chicago Wolves beat the Rochester Americans . Our returning nettie Pavelec seems to be finding his AHL feet after his stint in Atlanta. Wolves fans have lots of reasons to be confident going into tonights Riverman game at 7:30 in Peoria.

As usual I will refer you to Patrick Kissanes's site, for the full low down of the game I'll just show you the good hunting that was had by this Rochester native turned Chicago transplant. Both of my teams looked good last night, but I have to admitt it I enjoyed the outcome as well as the game.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

What a difference a day makes, or a good nights sleep...

Just a short word to those that have missed my entries. Yes, yes, the next blog is in the works. My torn rota tor cuff is mending, a mono pod has been procured and Kissane and I have left our house temporally during renovations for a hotel. Have jump drives and laptops the blogs will travel. There will be lots of photos posted of my beloved Rochester Amerks battling it out with my #1 Wolves. Plus a few of my favorite gymnast in the nets Fred Brathwaite who is no longer in a Wolves uniform.

Until tomorrow or maybe Saturday morning my readers....