Thursday, February 28, 2008

BlackHawk/ITT game Sunday 2:00 Be there!

Don't forget Sundays match between the Hawks and ITT Alumni!

Sunday March 2nd, Time is 2:00 pm.
Location is Oakton Park Arena
2800 Oakton St.
Park Ridge IL
# 847-692-3357

Tickets can be bought now at the arena for the price of $10.00, along with tickets on game day there will be raffles of BlackHawk autographed sticks, a jersey,and pucks by present and former Hawks.($5.00 each).

Here is an updated list of the Hawks Alumni that will be taking part in the game on Sunday. More players are expected to be added to the list. As soon as I get them I'll post them here.

Dave Mackey,Grant Mulvey,Cliff Koroll,Steve Poapst,Brain Noonan ,Reggie Kerr,Peter Marsh,Bruce Cassidy

And one of my all time favorite blueliners and two time Olympian.....Bobby Nardella of the Chicago Wolves/Rockford IceHogs

Associate Members:

Jack Collins,Tom Dillon,Mike Mullins,Kyle.Mulvey,Tom Gearan,Larry Coons

All proceeds of this game will benefit the American Diabetes Association. Hockey for a good cause, what's not to love!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

02/04/08 Iowa Stars/Chicago Wolves it looked more like a fight card!

Buffalo sports broadcaster Clip Smith was fond of saying "I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out." That's exactly what happened last Sunday at the Allstate. It was quite a night, as if Wednesdays lunar eclipse had left a bit of freaky karma for us to enjoy later. Three goals called back and four count em' four fights. Two featuring my favorite Slovakian defenseman Boris Valabik and the comparatively diminutive B.J. Crombeen. You have to respect the little guy giving several inches to Valabik Crombeen after being thumped in the first period he went back for more in the third.

In the end after the fights were over, the standing goals were tallied the Wolves came out on top. Not to beat an obviously dead horse but since September I have been pointing out the goal tending problems in Iowa. On January 8th Iowa called up Steven Silverthorn from the Iowa Steelheads, although registering a loss in his first outing. A closer look reveals he relieved Stephen late in the third and turned away all four shots sent his way. It is this photogs wish that when Iowa comes to the AA on the 7th we see the 26 year old strut his stuff for us in goal. Common coach Carey, give the dark horse a chance!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

What's in a word, the measure of a man?

Sit Down and Shut Up, read the Blog
It has been a week of pondering for this photog. Not only was there a lunar eclipse and the nettie goal on Wednesday I have been part of a discussion on another website regarding the distinction of what makes a professional photographer verses "just a hobbyist". In these times of citizen journalism the line between media and the public has become so blurred that they have almost become one and the same. The person standing on the corner next to you may very well be packing a camera to record an image of the traffic accident that is holding up your commute. Give that journalist fifteen minutes and the editor has the photo running front page on an internet news website. I'm such a photo journalist, my camera is always with me and I have used it to record life around me as I see it. If the public may find it interesting whether it is a traffic accident,election day action or a snow storm it is all fair game. If you are in public a public place photographers have the legal right to photograph you provided we do not sell it for advertising purposes. No, you will not end up in the next I-Pod add but you image may grace the cover of the or another publication. Possibly, if you are cheering at a hockey game look for your smiling face on mine or another website. I only mention this as it is key to the nature of what a citizen photo journalist does everyday.

What makes a professional? Several decades ago I asked my Father a chemical engineer and cabinet maker what made one man a "professional: and another "blue collar" . His answer was simple, "all work done with passion and pride, paid or unpaid was professional". It was not the type of work that gave it the professional label but the quality. I would add a few things as secondary to his simple explanation.

-Professionals constantly strive to improve what they do, standing still in ones art is not an option, photographers constantly seek out critique from others to progress.
- Networking, professionals rarely live on ivory towers, contacts are everything.
-Never compromise, although you do everything in your power to satisfy the customer the only standards you truly must never breech your own. The day you put a piece of trash out with your name on it you diminish yourself.
-Lastly, art is communal, no artist grows alone. In the relatively short time I have been at this insanity there have been more experienced photographers at every arena who have helped me. Some have given me frank survival advice ,"ditch the heels, your going to hurt yourself", to letting me look through their lenses so as not make mistakes when upgrading mine. Generous men and women too numerous to mention for fear of leaving someone out. Yes, it is competitive but there is camaraderie for those of us standing inch deep in ice water next to the glass. In short, generosity in a photographer is professional.

You might notice I have avoided the issue of money. Yes, sometimes we get paid, very well. But in the end I'll side with my Dad, it is the passion and pride that I bring to my work that makes me a professional rather than the stack of press passes and the occasional check. Professionalism like confidence and self esteem comes from the inside. Once you truly have the goods no one can take it away, even when an unenlightened organization calls you "just a blogger"to deny you as an artist and a journalist. The world of journalism and information is changing rapidly however, the standards of professionalism are timeless. Whether my shutter is clicking for one of the oldest print dailies in the US, internet daily or website the standards of pride and passion are a journalists equal opportunity employers .

Friday, February 22, 2008

If it is minus 40 outside it must be a Manitoba game!

Again, we are shivering in our boots in Chicago and again the Manitoba Moosers are in town, yes, they brought there weather with them. How nice of the boys from the north to have packed up a Alberta Clipper along with their gear.


Last Wed night the Moose came to the Allstate Arena for one of their bi-seasonal matches against the Wolves. In the West we all miss the Meese, once the Moosers were part of the mighty west's regular schedule and we saw them,often . But like the Griffins of Grand Rapids they were moved to the north and our meetings have taken the form of old family reunions. Fun but kind of like seeing an old relative you don't really like but can't for the life of you remember why. This time both teams struggled for three full frames, finally deadlocked in a 1:1 tie. With just seconds left in OT when the specter of a shoot out loomed large, it happened. Was it a lunar eclipse, no Wolves Captain Darren Haydar passed the puck before the Moose goal through a maze of Moose and Wolves players. Moosie goalie Drew McIntyre then cleared the puck and shot it into the empty net of the Wolves, the Meese had won on the rarest of events, a netties goal!

As we all went into the cold darkness, finally remembering just why we didn't like this rival. They are good, very good, we may be seeing them God willing in May for the playoffs. The weather will be warmer and there are no eclipses scheduled. Still we better look sharp, but at least we know why we don't like this Canadian cousin once again.


Don't forget the ADA Black Hawk alumni/ITT alum game in two weeks:

Sunday March 2nd, Time is 2:00 pm.
Location is Oakton Park Arena
2800 Oakton St.
Park Ridge IL
# 847-692-3357

Tickets can be bought now at the arena for the price of $10.00, along with tickets on game day there will be raffles of BlackHawk autographed sticks, a jersey,and pucks by present and former Hawks.($5.00 each).

At this time I do not have a final list of Black Hawk Alum that will be playing, However, the usual suspects who often generously give their time to alumni events are; Jack O'Callahan, Steve Konroyd, Steve Poast, Jerry Korab, Dave Mackey, Cliff Korroll, Peter Marsh, Reg Kerr, Jose Charbonneau, Grant Mulvey, and Troy Murray.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

02/16/08 Chicago Wolves down Rockford Ice Hogs

Is this the taste of things to come for these two teams, in sold out a arena of just over 6,000, 1,000 were Wolves fans that braved the weather forecast of an ice storm to see a regular season contest between two teams a mere hour by interstate. The rivalry is in full glorious bloom and making ready for the playoff run that one or both of these teams will make. The shooting is going to be great and the roller coaster ride for Chicago fans is going to be remarkable.

It is past time to come out of the closet so to speak. I have been a fan of the Rockford Ice Hogs for several years, I fell hard on St. Patrick's Night looking out on the ice and seeing Hammy in the spotlight shamrock in his hat, holding the flag for a local school choir singing the anthem. It was over, I became a total fan as they scored moments later and the crowd got up and danced, a hockey crowd dancing you say? Yes, I was hooked. My dual loyalties existed quite peacefully since the Hogs were a UHL team and the Wolves were AHL, when the Wolves were out of town we went to Rockford and had a great time, it helped that somehow Rockford seemed to bring out the best in me artistically. Then last spring the Hogs made the move to the AHL, would we be able to deal? I struggled, finally in the last month I decided to just give up, I still love both teams and yes, I know this set of "Hogs" are really from VA. The most important thing to me is that the "Hawg soul" is still there. The front office staff remains the same,the crowd spirt is still there. The faces on the ice may have changed but the intangibles that make going to games in Rockford such a good time have transitioned to the AHL nicely.

So there is, I deal, so now you can deal, I love two AHL teams within a few miles of each other. Life is good!

Now some images showing Wolves -vs-Hogs, great hockey, two good netties last night. IMHO the difference was the Wolves defense was far more consistant. No team will ever win a game unless there is someone waving his fanny in the goalies face,ready to score, Hogs are you listening?


Saturday, February 16, 2008

ITT-V- Black Hawk Alumni Game, be there or be square!

The details just keep coming, thank you to the kind people at ITT and the Black Hawks Alum.

First again the date is Sunday March 2nd, Time is 2:00 pm.
Location is Oakton Park Arena
2800 Oakton St.
Park Ridge IL
# 847-692-3357
(follow clickage for a map)

Tickets can be purchaced there for the price of $10.00, along with tickets on game day there will be raffles of BlackHawk autographed sticks, a jersey,and pucks by present and former Hawks.($5.00 each).

At this time I do not have a final list of Black Hawk Alum that will be playing, However, the usual suspects who often generously give their time to alumni events are; Jack O'Callahan, Steve Konroyd, Steve Poast, Jerry Korab, Dave Mackey, Cliff Korroll, Peter Marsh, Reg Kerr, Jose Charbonneau, Grant Mulvey, and Troy Murray.

The goal of this event is to raise funds for the ADA, as regular readers of my blog know, besides photography, I am a nurse. In my other professional life I see the effects of diabetes on a daily basis on patients and their families. If present trends continue this disease has the potential to bankrupt the public health system and force private insurance out of the reach of many others. Our best hope for a cure and prevention comes through research, often founded by the ADA. So if you are looking for a fun afternoon of hockey, with some great action and a worthy cause, remember March 2nd Oakton Park Arena 2:00 pm. Be there or be square!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Illinois American Diabetes Association Benefit IIT Alumni-vs- BlackHawk Alumni

As promised the details as I get them, I'm sure more in formation is to follow, it will be a fun afternoon for a great cause.

Illinois Institute of Technology, will be playing a charity hockey game vs. the Chicago Blackhawk Alumni on Sunday, March 2 (2pm) at the Oakton Park Arena in Park Ridge. All proceeds from this game will benefit the Illinois ADA.

Hockey for a great cause, what's not to love!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Great Gifts, keep giving you greater gifts.

Last year Kissane gave me something beautiful a classic Black Hawks knitted sweater. It was the perfect gift for several reasons, first I have always thought the logo the most beautiful in the NHL. Second it was a sweater,a great thought for I am also known as "Chilly Willy". You can always spot me wearing layers of sweaters, a light wool coat and a pashimas. Still I'm cold, but, this heavy classic sweater does the job, "Chilly Willy" is a warm photog in her Black Hawk colours. Shortly after I unwrapped it I thought about having a classic and classy name put on it's back. I did a little research and there could be no other name, Reggie Fleming. Started off with the Habs, then to Chicago where he earned the name Mr. Clean, then on to my beloved Buffalo Sabres in the expansion draft. I believe I may have actually seen the man play with the Sabres but I couldn't swear to it. So a quick trip to the pro shop and the deed was done, I had my beautiful sweater and a great name attached to it. What I didn't know was how the sweater and the name was going to keep giving to me every time I have worn it.

The first time I wore it to work Chris,in security instead of saying hello greeted me with the "Mighty Hawks" song, something he continues to this day. Chris always loves to talk hockey and at last he has someone at work to start the day with a bit of hockey talk and so do I.

I hear lots of stories,some great ones from a fellow nurse who attended games sitting with the organist at the Old Chicago Stadium. Last Friday one of the teachers at another location told me with his eyes dancing of a Hawks game he saw with Savard and Gretzky on the ice together. People just see this sweater and the memories come to them and the stories to me.

Today is just the latest example, I was at a professional meeting, picking up a packet of information from the American Diabetes Association. The woman behind the table asked me if this was "the Reggie Fleming's" sweater. No, just my Reggie's sweater,a conversation quickly developed. She told me of a charity match between the Black Hawks Alumni and the IIT Alumni that is scheduled to take place early next month, for the American Diabetes Association. I told her I had never been to a Hawks game and would be thrilled to be there and so would my camera. As soon as I have more information on the event you will see it here.

Reggie Fleming, there must be some magic in this sweater. Your getting me to a Hawks game and yes I'll be wearing #6 with bells on. In case I haven't said it lately, thanks, Kissane. My Reggie sweater makes me feel warm all over in more ways than one.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Manitoba Moose blow into town...

Tonight at the AllState Arena the Chicago Wolves hosted the Manitoba Moose for their sole regular season appereance. It was to become a memorable night for Wolves Goalie Robert Gherson, who gathered his first AHL shut out, winning 2:0. As per usual I will refer readers to my partner Patrick Kissane and his blog @ http:/ for a full report of the game. In the mean time here are a few images of the game to whet your hockey appitites.

On a personal note, a good friend returnd to the AA after too long an absence. Welcome back, Princess!

Monday, February 4, 2008

The New Born Rivalry, a good healthy howl..

Saturday night as the song says is alright for a fighting and indeed it was. The Chicago Wolves and the Rockford Ice Hogs rivalary is moving from the weak mewings of a newborn to the strong healthy cry of a infant eager for life.

The game started out easy enough. The usual clutch and grab, then the hits started getting harder. Then near the end of the first period the goal net was knocked over on to Andrre Pavelec with no call being given by referee David Banfield.

Second period the pace stepped up, with 41 seconds remaining Andre Pavelec again made contact with the goal post during a breakaway. This time ending up laying in a crumpled ball on the ice grasping his right(stick) hand, again no call. After assessmemnt by Chicago trainer Kevin Kacer, Pavlec finished the period. The defensive line of Brian Fahey and Nathan Oystrick standing guard over the shaken goalie, practically daring any Hog to come near. As soon as the buzzer sounded Pavlec made a bee line to the locker room and full medical attention. Everyone, Wolves and Hogs fans alike were happy to see #31 starting the 3rd periond, sporting a well taped right wrist. Hogs fans saluting him with their trademark cowbells as he entered the crease.

Third period wore on. The score was 3:2, when Rockford coach waved nettie Cam Crawford to the bench, however the extra man was eager to even the score and force OT. A whistle blows, to many men on the ice...this was to prove costly for Rockford, and the Wolves quickly scored on the power play. Now things started to turn ugly. Rockford goalie Crawford fired the puck into the celebrating Wolves, a major breech in the unwritten "code". With 4.5 seconds left in the third period the Chicago Wolves and the Rockford Ice Hogs decided to throw a yard sale in front of the Wolves bench. At the end of the festivities a total of 114 minutes in penalties had been given out including both Fahey boys earning Game Misconducts (75.5iii) resulting from a tussle where linesman Al Stensland fell to the ice squished between them.

I hope the images do justice to the game, it was as they say a Ring Tailed Tooter!!