Monday, May 5, 2008

05/04/08: Turn of the Cards, IceHogs win! 3-1

Last night the Rockford Icehogs came out their home locker room and hit the ice with fire in their tired bellies and strength in their worn legs. The Wolves? Well frankly they looked tired, played tired and lost tired. It the funk over the Wolves bench seemed to say it was all over by the second period, a surprise Wolves goal during the third frame did nothing to inspire the team to overtime. The next meeting of these two fine teams is Wednesday night. Two days rest will make a difference in most physical factors, however the Wolves will still have to put this single loss behind them and get down to business . Yes, Chicago has defeated the Hogs in their own house before in a hard fought battle in the depth of winter. Wednesday night it will be their chance to put the series to bed and prepare for a third round opponent among the flowers of spring.

This series will be won by the first team that wins in a visitors house. Well, it could be over in two days, or it could carry on to next week. Somehow I don't see it ending on Wednesday might, this series is going a full seven.


On the dinner front, we all know that fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches were popular at Graceland. Who knew that Elvis and Priscilla did great burgers? Thanks for hosting a crowd of hungry Wolves fans, it was a great afternoon of hockey talk and jalapeno burgers. Yes, in October I predicted the fans of the Rockford IceHogs would enrich the AHL with their UHL soul and they have. AHL fans can learn much from the generosity and passion these fans show at every game. If you havn't made the road trip yet to Rockford do it next year. If you can't have a good time at a Hogs game, well, better check your pulse, you might have been dead for the last six months. God Bless them every one!

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